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First: don't make shopping difficult

This is another story about the importance of an efficient sales system and its good UX. When your product is triggering interest and your ordering system is encouraging, but to order over the phone - something needs to change!
Cosmo Group is a beauty brand - a leader in the nail design sector. Cosmo includes brands such as Neonail, MYLAQ and Neo. Its products can be found in more than 1,000 outlets in Poland and 40 countries around the world. Recently we worked with Head of Development Cosmo Group. The challenge the brand was facing was B2B platform for contractors. How to make the ordering system efficient? How to optimize online sales? These were the issues that our client was addressing.

Cosmo Group had been using a "boxed" ERP sales system until now. Contractors could use the B2B platform, but the problem was that... they didn't want to. At Sun Group, we were to solve this problem and create a well-functioning and consistent sales platform that would be user-friendly and automate the sales and shipping process. The new system was to eliminate a problem our client was facing - phone orders required an employee to manually change the promotion. This slowed down the order processing, in turn burning resources and not allowing to increase sales. We designed a system that fully automated and smoothed out this process.
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Realization process

Personalization and customization

Sales should not consume resources, but should bring profits. In order not to generate losses, it is worth building a service system that will be simple and intuitive for the customer and will not force him to choose the phone order. This is how we designed a new platform for Cosmo Group. At Sun Group, we have the tools to create a B2B system that has web-based access and APIs integrated with the customer's ERP. This was also the case with Cosmo Group. We built a platform connected to our client's system. As a result, any contractor visiting the site can log into the system and thus have access to a personalized group of products, prices and discounts.

In the system for Cosmo Group, we used a promotional module that notifies contractors of personalized special offers. This part of the platform we built at the request of Cosmo. To improve the user experience of the platform visitor, we implemented a related product set configurator. We built it so that Cosmo Group contractors would see related products to the ones they were interested in. And all of this delivered excellent results.

An efficient claims system is also key to success. The platform, which we built at Sun Group, immediately sends the complaints to Cosmo Group's ERP. Thanks to that, complaints can be handled more efficiently.

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Solution and implementation

IT and UX can be beauty too!

When we at Sun Group say "check", we count on measurable results. This was also the case this time. Cosmo Group not only gained a coherent B2B sales system, but also profits from it. Since the implementation, our client's system has handled transactions worth tens of millions of PLN. Handling such traffic over the phone would require huge financial outlays. Thanks to our solutions, the website users' experience has improved significantly. The contractors, who were not convinced by the previous B2B platform, are very happy with the new one. The new B2B system supports hundreds of contractors.

Since Cosmo Group is an international company, it was only a matter of time before the platform was translated into other languages. At the moment, the system serves customers in five countries. And customers can choose from a rich assortment of over 5,000 products from the beauty industry.

IT solutions are often associated with code understandable only for programmers. Since at Sun Group we also specialise in website design, our client gained a well-functioning system with an efficient mechanism, and above all, an aesthetic and intuitive sales platform for his customers. The customers who are interested only in what on the Cosmo Group website is about beauty. And we took care of the mechanism!

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  • OVHcloud
  • Node
  • Elasticsearch

Time for success in beauty industry

High five system!

The system works in 5 languages handling the stock with over 5K products.

1000 contractors

The system handles a large base of contractors with more than 1,3K users, divided into 570 groups.

40 countries

Sales all over the world

ERP integration

of a dedicated B2B system with web access and API integrating with the client’s ERP


Configurator of bound products causes customers to choose extra items more willingly which increases the value of a shopping cart.

Contractor groups

Once logged into the system, every contractor has access to their dedicated product groups, prices and discounts.

Complaint handling system

Our B2B system also handles complaints, that are forwarded to the client’s ERP, and facilitates contact with clients.

Trust of our partners is a great distinction for us
  • We’ve been cooperating with Sun Group for 15 years! Such a long cooperation time is perhaps the best recommendation. We entrusted their company not only with three online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also realized a couple of bigger and smaller projects for us. I truly recommend them because they really know their business.
    Tomasz Komorowski
    Marketing Director, TERG S.A.
  • Working on the project for our company had two workstreams. First of all, we needed a new, advanced website for clients from more than 100 countries. What we also needed was creating a B2B platform for PH, integrated with our ERP system. Sun Group employees proved many times that the more difficult the project, the bigger the motivation they approached solving it with, creating reliable and useful websites. We’ve been cooperating for a couple of years and this has been one of the most successful and fruitful projects.
    Magdalena Kudłacz
    Magdalena Kudłacz
    Online Marketing Manager ES-System
  • Sun Group, among other things, prepared a modern gaming service with a gaming forum. The realization was beyond our expectations. The work went very smoothly, according to the schedule and timetable. We are very satisfied and with future realizations we will surely keep cooperation with Sun Group in mind.
    Jacek Woźniak
    Jacek Woźniak
    Marketing Operations Program Mgr Lenovo
  • We reached out to Sun Group because we needed a new website that would show the history and the tradition of the Brewery together with our offer in a modern form. The results of this cooperation were positively surprising. I can only talk about cooperation with the company in superlatives. We brewed and drank this beer together. I recommend Sun Group and send my regards.
    Tomasz Kamiński
    Tomasz Kamiński
    Chairman of the Board in Browar Czarnków
  • We've known people from Sun Group for many years. Our cooperation has always been thorough and in time. I trust them enough to have given all brands included in the Astra Group under their supervision. Sun Group does graphical works for us and manages our website. I am very satisfied about our cooperation.
    Paweł Kądziela
    Paweł Kądziela
    ASTA-NET Managing director
  • Sun Group prepared and implemented many features for us; features that would facilitate the work of the office workers and their petitioners. For many years, the county office websites have been hosted at Sun Group and the company's employees have supported many of the county office departments. If you are looking for a reliable partner who understands very specific requirements of county office units, then I can definitely recommend Sun Group.
    Piotr Wojnar
    Piotr Wojnar
    IT director in Starostwo Powiatowe
  • Sun Group helped us in creating a mobile app and a website with theoretical driving tests on the basis and in compliance with questions from a national driving test. This was a pioneering, innovative and multistage project and that's why, we decided to work with a firm that would provide us with a dedicated solution and complete, flexible support in developing the website. Sun Group team can always identify business needs well and do their best to effectively implement them.
    Damian Bogusławski
    Damian Bogusławski
    SPH Credo Business manager
  • We began our cooperation with Sun Group a few years ago. We mostly support the company in terms of legal and formal matters in realizing contests and lotteries for their clients. Together, we have realized many projects connected with personal data protection and trainings within that range. An e-learning platform that we built with Sun Group helps us a lot in realizing trainings.
    Tomasz Grzybowski
    Tomasz Grzybowski
    Partner at CORE Law Grzybowski & Pilc Attorneys-at-Law
  • I started cooperation with Sun Group by implementing an e-commerce shop that sold doors. Currently, I turn to the guys with each new project that I personally take part in. I'm satisfied with the service and the thoroughness that Sun Group provides me with. I think that our doings will result in a long-term cooperation.
    Piotr Szulim
    Piotr Szulim
    Development manager Kon-Trade Kraina Drzwi
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