Are you looking for a working programme for mass e-mail sending? Check Sun Mail!

Sun Mail is a modern, intuitive programme for mailing, newsletter and automated email responses. We are currently sending over 25 million messages on monthly basis, 700 thousand hourly and we can still make it work faster.

Our system offers mailing of personalized messages to a defined group of recipients, a possibility of Google Analytics, advanced segmentation of data bases. We know that in business time and precisions is what matters. Sun Mail makes it possible to run automatic tests A/B(/C) to compare which version of a title and a message causes the best audience reaction. The results of the campaign can be tracked on an ongoing basis thanks to analysis of statistics of newsletters that were sent. You can sleep safely, Sun Mail stores e-mail addresses if your clients in accordance with RODO.

We can adjust our programme to your needs and the speed of your business. We know what a good e-marketing is and that is why you can let us create your mailing. We will prepare text, graphics and an e-mail project that will for sure stand out from among hundreds of other e-mails.

Do you want to be convinced?
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