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Cosmo Group: a good system must be beauty


First: don't make shopping difficult

This is another story about the importance of an efficient sales system and its good UX. When your product is triggering interest and your ordering system is encouraging, but to order over the phone - something needs to change!

Cosmo Group is a beauty brand - a leader in the nail design sector. Cosmo includes brands such as Neonail, MYLAQ and Neo. Its products can be found in more than 1,000 outlets in Poland and 40 countries around the world. Recently we worked with Head of Development Cosmo Group. The challenge the brand was facing was B2B platform for contractors. How to make the ordering system efficient? How to optimize online sales? These were the issues that our client was addressing.

Cosmo Group had been using a "boxed" ERP sales system until now. Contractors could use the B2B platform, but the problem was that... they didn't want to. At Sun Group, we were to solve this problem and create a well-functioning and consistent sales platform that would be user-friendly and automate the sales and shipping process. The new system was to eliminate a problem our client was facing - phone orders required an employee to manually change the promotion. This slowed down the order processing, in turn burning resources and not allowing to increase sales. We designed a system that fully automated and smoothed out this process.

Implementation proces

Personalization and customization

Sales should not consume resources, but should bring profits. In order not to generate losses, it is worth building a service system that will be simple and intuitive for the customer and will not force him to choose the phone order. This is how we designed a new platform for Cosmo Group.

At Sun Group, we have the tools to create a B2B system that has web-based access and APIs integrated with the customer's ERP. This was also the case with Cosmo Group. We built a platform connected to our client's system. As a result, any contractor visiting the site can log into the system and thus have access to a personalized group of products, prices and discounts.

In the system for Cosmo Group, we used a promotional module that notifies contractors of personalized special offers. This part of the platform we built at the request of Cosmo.

To improve the user experience of the platform visitor, we implemented a related product set configurator. We built it so that Cosmo Group contractors would see related products to the ones they were interested in. And all of this delivered excellent results.

An efficient claims system is also key to success. The platform, which we built at Sun Group, immediately sends the complaints to Cosmo Group's ERP. Thanks to that, complaints can be handled more efficiently.


IT and UX can be beauty too!

When we at Sun Group say "check", we count on measurable results. This was also the case this time. Cosmo Group not only gained a coherent B2B sales system, but also profits from it.

Since the implementation, our client's system has handled transactions worth tens of millions of PLN. Handling such traffic over the phone would require huge financial outlays. Thanks to our solutions, the website users' experience has improved significantly. The contractors, who were not convinced by the previous B2B platform, are very happy with the new one. The new B2B system supports hundreds of contractors.

Since Cosmo Group is an international company, it was only a matter of time before the platform was translated into other languages. At the moment, the system serves customers in five countries. And customers can choose from a rich assortment of over 5,000 products from the beauty industry.

IT solutions are often associated with code understandable only for programmers. Since at Sun Group we also specialise in website design, our client gained a well-functioning system with an efficient mechanism, and above all, an aesthetic and intuitive sales platform for his customers. The customers who are interested only in what on the Cosmo Group website is about beauty. And we took care of the mechanism!

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