Improving organization of the Traffic Office thanks to on-line tools

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  • A readable and clear information website compliant with WVAG 2.0 at AA level
  • A registration system for petitioners at Traffic Office.
  • A closed system of free legal consultations
  • A registration and file sharing system for councilmen

Creating a website for the County Office

We have designed and created a clear and intuitive information website with a an attractive visual appearance. We have implemented standard modules of updates and organized events within the county together with the system of creating surveys. The website was adjusted to guidelines of WCAG 2.0 at AA level, thanks to which it's available to all clients, including the disabled.

realizacja witryny dla Starostwa Powiatowego w Pile
strona internetowa Starostwa Powiatowego - Rejestracja petentów Wydziału Komunikacji

Registration of petitioners at the Traffic Office

Another task in our cooperation with the County Office in Piła was to create a reservations system for the queue of petitioners registering vehicles or changing car registrations.

For the employees we have created a mechanism that enables them to manage posts that a client can register at through the office website. The employees have become fully confident in organizing posts that provide service to petitioners through an online channel. This has lead to an increased efficiency and capacity of customer service.

strona internetowa Starostwa Powiatowego - Bezpłatne porady prawne

Free legal counselling

According to a regulation by the ministry of justice from 21st Dec 2018 on free legal consultation and free citizen advisory, county offices are obligated to keep records of people who are given legal consultation. After consultation, the people who have given this consultation are obligated to fill help cards in the form of 20-question long surveys. Our system enables the employees to generate monthly and quarterly reports of a department's performance that need to be sent to the ministry once a quarter.

Our system has enabled the employees of the office to effectively register volunteers for free consultation. It also allowed legal advisors to fill e-surveys, based on which the system automatically generates a ready quarterly report. The system was created exclusively for the internal activities of the County Office employees.

File sharing system for councilmen

Another element of our cooperation with County Office in Piła was to create a system of file sharing between the office and councilmen. The system was based on the news module where a user can add descriptions and files. The system enables grouping of users of different access levels. Thanks to such a solution, it enables file sharing among all the councilmen and particular groups of employees in different committees. We have implemented system of notifications through e-mail and texting when the new information or files have been added. The catalogue together with the function of notifications have become an important facilitator for the County Office activities because the office doesn't have to keep the current e-mail correspondence with the councilmen and send the recent files for upcoming sessions to them.

strona internetowa Starostwa Powiatowego - System wymiany plików dla radnych

Działanie systemu zostało tak zoptymalizowane, aby zapewnić pracownikom prostą i intuicyjną obsługę, co znacząco ułatwiło pracę i zapewniło jej niezawodność. Ponadto pracownicy biura zyskali wgląd w informację o tym, kiedy wybrany radny zapoznał się z przesyłanymi dokumentami. Dzięki temu pracownicy otrzymują potwierdzenie skutecznego doręczenia dokumentacji.