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Czarnków Brewery

Czarnków Brewery
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Tradition in a modern style. With special care for UX and mobile first

Czarnków Brewery was founded in 1983. It's a perfect example of an old, well-prospering company that adjusts to market standards and changing clients' needs.

Our task in cooperation with Czarnków Brewery was to refresh the brand image on the Internet and display the brand's offer in a modern way, taking into consideration its almost 200-year-old history and legacy.

realizacja strony internetowej

What did we do for Czarnków Brewery?

Our main task was to profoundly refresh the beer producer's visual identity on the web and adjust it to the taste and the needs of younger generations. Simultaneously, we did not want to break away from the legacy and the history of the firm so we blended it with sneaked-in marketing information and created forms.

We have designed and implemented an effectively functional and clean navigation through the producers' offer which enabled us to improve aesthetics and the usefulness of the website (UX).

What did the work on Czarnków Brewery's website look like?

We focused on the first page of the brewery's website trying to directly reflect the character and origin of particular products from the offer.

Home Page Design

The presentation of the offer in the form of a dynamic slider appealed to the user's taste and enhanced the static design of the website. Thanks to this, we drew attention to what's most important – the Brewery's choice of beers.

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The history of the Brewery

We realize how important the history and the legacy are, especially in the brewery business, and therefore, under the slider with the offer, we presented profiles of main brewers and the history of the firm itself.

Mobile first

While making the refreshed Czarnków Brewery's website more accessible, we didn't forget about the 'mobile first' approach. This way, we created a website with maximum usability for the the mobile users, making its positioning in the browser correct and more efficient.

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