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realizacja strony internetowej PRGOK

Creator of declarations filling

Out task in cooperation with PRGOK (Inter-county Union of Municipal Refuse Management in Piła Region) was to design a modern website including many useful functions which significantly helped the unit with their communication with petitioners. We have created a clear form of generating declarations about fees for managing municipal refuse. The range of activities also included the preparation of schedule for receiving waste together with a contact option for petitioners. We have also designed a visual identity according to recent trends in graphics and the PRGOK logo.

Realizacja witryny internetowej dla PRGOK
Realizacja witryny internetowej dla PRGOK #2

As a part of PRGOK order, we created a clear, intuitive and functional form which would enable users to generate ready-made declarations of fees for managing municipal waste. The form enables individual users and companies to download documents in PDF format.

Our tasks also included designing and creating a system of filling declarations for institutions that regularly submit them such as housing cooperatives. Them system allows users to save the declarations and efficiently create new documents based on them.

strona internetowa jednostki samorządowej - PRGOK

Among tasks for PRGOK, we have also crated a knowledge section on the topic of correct waste segregation. As a part of the education, we have also created a dictionary with an option of reporting difficult waste. After the client has sent the report, the unit receives the report about the problem and assigns the issue to a particular group.

strona internetowa i BIP

Apart form the PRGOK website, we have also designed a clear BIP and the schedule of waste disposal from the region of the union.