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When a brand grows, requirements do too

KZ Nieruchomosci (Eng. KZ Real Estate) is a company handling a complex real estate market service. Against a quite conservative market, the business of Magdalena Kittel-Zamojda and Marcin Zamojda stands out with their brave and modern approach towards marketing communication of their brand.
However, what to do when most firms from this market sector use the same tool without data that also defines the look of the main page? A good design is one thing, but in this case the whole back-end had to be integrated with the database used so far - a real estate database of Galactica. In situations like these, it’s best to ask specialists for advice.
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Realization process

We will renovate your house

Sun Group offered a thorough brush-up of the website look so that it doesn’t stand out from the rest of promotional materials of the company and matches the style of the 2020s. KZ Nieruchomosci is known for modern marketing activities, expressive branding, often based on the owners’ profiles, and most importantly, a great knowledge of the market. The website as a business card and a sales tool cannot stand out from high standards that owners keep on daily basis.

Integration with a current database allows the company to continue what was good in the service so far – a reliable database in real estate business is a must. However, it’s the design where we had to introduce a breath of fresh air, elegant minimalism, functionality and customer convenience approach.

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Solution and implementation

Customer with more possibilities

Knowing exactly what to do, we got down to work. A new front-end was clear and minimalistic together with large images, also in a tile design. The whiteness of the new page is topped up with black and red accents characteristic for the brand. In the ‘offer’ section on the right, there is a contact to a particular advisor responsible for a given real estate.

We also added an intelligent calculator of a property purchase costs that include things like a notarial deed, tax on civil law transactions, agency commission or other notary fees. Thus, a customer can make a better decision whether they can afford a particular property or not. There is also something for those who want to sell – the ‘add an offer’ option. Thanks to a friendly interface, that leads a user through the process step by step, and a minimalistic design of the form, adding an offer is easy and intuitive. However, the database remains in the right place where it belongs, hidden somewhere in the back-end, covered in the new design.

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  • OVHcloud
  • Node
  • Elasticsearch

Changes, but only for the better!


Dedicated integration with an API of Galactica – a real estate database service. Continuity of the solution used so far.

Easy contact – better sales

The new website presents the offer better and provides a better contact with an offer owner.

Sales leads

A significant increase of traffic on the website and the number of queries.

New design

Branding is not just a logo but also about its context. Lightness, clarity and functionality is what characterizes the new website.

Dedicated calculator

It’s good to know the complete cost of purchase. A well-informed customer is a well-served and a loyal customer.

Form of 'add an offer'

Easy way of adding offers by customers in a step-by-step way.


The page has very good results in page speed testing.

Trust of our partners is a great distinction for us
  • We’ve been cooperating with Sun Group for 15 years! Such a long cooperation time is perhaps the best recommendation. We entrusted their company not only with three online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also realized a couple of bigger and smaller projects for us. I truly recommend them because they really know their business.
    Tomasz Komorowski
    Tomasz Komorowski
    Marketing Director, TERG S.A.
  • Working on the project for our company had two workstreams. First of all, we needed a new, advanced website for clients from more than 100 countries. What we also needed was creating a B2B platform for PH, integrated with our ERP system. Sun Group employees proved many times that the more difficult the project, the bigger the motivation they approached solving it with, creating reliable and useful websites. We’ve been cooperating for a couple of years and this has been one of the most successful and fruitful projects.
    Magdalena Kudłacz
    Magdalena Kudłacz
    Online Marketing Manager ES-System
  • Sun Group, among other things, prepared a modern gaming service with a gaming forum. The realization was beyond our expectations. The work went very smoothly, according to the schedule and timetable. We are very satisfied and with future realizations we will surely keep cooperation with Sun Group in mind.
    Jacek Woźniak
    Jacek Woźniak
    Marketing Operations Program Mgr Lenovo
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