Real Estate Industry

Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Industry

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Real estate industry
The real estate industry, much like many other sectors, is undergoing dynamic changes due to the progression of digitization. With new IT technologies, real estate agencies are becoming more efficient, competitive, and customer-friendly.
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The real estate industry

The market situation is dynamic - high inflation has led to an increase in interest rates, which has contributed to a decrease in creditworthiness among potential buyers.

The sentiments, however, are optimistic - there is a significant chance that interest rates will start to decrease, and since July '23, the government has implemented the 'Secure Loan 2%' subsidy program for mortgage loans, which is gaining popularity.

It is a good moment to strengthen your online potential - the ways of searching for real estate are changing, and clients from a generation that has never known a time without the Internet are becoming more prevalent in the market. In the era of advancing digitization, technological tools are emerging, opening new possibilities for real estate agents, investors, and clients.

Our solutions for the real estate industry

We implement modern, user-friendly websites in accordance with UX principles - easy to use and responsive to all screen sizes. Our designs take into account the specific needs and characteristics of the real estate industry.
Additional functionalities
We equip the website with functionalities such as: a property purchase cost calculator, selecting offers on the map (with the option to view photos), the ability to save favorites, and adding personal listings by clients.
We integrate with the Galactica service API and other essential systems for the website's functionality, such as maps with the locations of individual properties.

Watch a short video about the implementation of the new website for
KZ Nieruchomości, based on the Galactica system.

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Seize the opportunity

  • websites and mobile applications have become the primary tools for searching property market offers. Stay ahead of the competition with a modern and user-friendly website.
  • simplify the search for your dream property with a clear website, attractive photos, built-in map with locations, and easy access to contact the agent.
  • maintain access to your current listing database - we will integrate with it, giving your website a new look and functionalities.
  • build a professional, trustworthy image with us—a company that understands the needs of its clients and responds to them effectively.
We have completed over 50 projects, including the implementation of online stores, B2B platforms, and websites.
That's how many experts are on our team, ready to propose and implement the most optimal solution for your business.
This is the average rating of our implementations on the Clutch platform.
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