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SunPlayer is a system that allows remote display, management, and control of multimedia content, both advertising and informational, on all available and affiliated devices such as tablets, smartphones, monitors, and TVs. Changing them literally takes a moment and only requires internet access.
We carry these experiences, habits, and expectations into every place - including the physical world: – into shops, public utility places, hotels, etc.
Display technologies are a key communication method

In such environments and trends, businesses, hotels, or offices need solutions that will grab attention and effectively convey their message to their target audience - in their shops, hotel spaces, or institutions. That's where Sun Player comes in.

SunPlayer will excel in:
  • Large-format stores and shopping centers
  • Offices and institutions
  • Hotels and restaurants
SunPlayer is:
Full management and control of messages
You can control the displayed messages, change them, and schedule their display (almost) in real-time.
Intuitive dashboard
SunPlayer allows you to control the displayed content on multiple screens from one system. Everything is managed with just a few clicks in a single window on the website.
Unlimited number of devices
One player has the ability to connect to any number of devices. The utilized devices are enclosed in specially designed casings, creating a unified whole to prevent unauthorized individuals from interfering with the system.
Revolutionary nature and development
The automation of message display ensures that you always showcase up-to-date information. With the advancement of technology, you can utilize SunPlayer interactively: playing music on devices in your stores with the option for users to control volume, selecting keyboard backlighting, and other device functions.
The system provides statistics and display reports for individual locations.
Technical and marketing support
We provide technical and marketing support, for instance, in preparing memorable clips or advertisements and through employee training sessions.
See what the Marketing Director of TERG S.A. says about collaborating with us. (Media Expert and

We've been collaborating with Sun Group for 15 years already! Such a long period of cooperation is probably the best recommendation. We entrusted the company not only with the management of 3 online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also completed several larger and smaller projects for us. I sincerely recommend them because they know their work.

Tomasz Komorowski

Marketing Director TERG S.A.
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For over 15 years, we have been collaborating and implementing modern solutions for one of the largest retail networks in Poland: Media Expert
Over 1,500 devices in Media Expert electronics stores managed by SunPlayer
This is the average rating of our deployments on the Clutch platform
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