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D2C Model – Directly from Manufacturer to Consumer

It brings many benefits to both companies and customers, transforming the way retail operates. Directing the offer and enabling purchases without intermediaries provides manufacturers with significant opportunities to increase sales, expand market reach, build a stronger brand, and enhance profitability and efficiency.

Through collaboration with leading manufacturers and brands across various industries in Poland, we have witnessed that implementing such a model contributes to overall sales growth and cost optimization. Such potential shouldn't go untapped in your company as well.

Seize the opportunities

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Direct contact with the customer

Implementing online sales in the D2C model allows for direct contact with customers, which results in a better understanding of their needs and preferences. This information can be used to tailor products and offerings to meet their requirements.

This also allows for personalization, increasing the chances of success in a competitive market.

Cost savings and cost efficiency

E-commerce D2C can help manufacturers lower costs.

It eliminates intermediaries and associated commissions, reduces costs related to renting or maintaining a stationary shop, for example, in less profitable locations, which in turn affects margin increase. It also saves on logistics – such a sales model allows for optimization and control of deliveries.

Increased sales and business scalability

The D2C model impacts price competitiveness, provides greater knowledge about customers, better opportunities to tailor offerings to market demands and realities, thereby increasing sales potential.

It enhances the company's ability to dynamically increase or decrease production in response to changing market conditions and consumer needs.

Solutions that will bring success to your company

Own website

If you're a manufacturer or have your own brand but haven't considered an online store yet, we propose implementing a website.

Without a website, your customers cannot get to know your brand or products.

Modern design accessible on various devices, well-exposed texts and graphics for your target audience, clear and intuitive navigation, optimization for page loading speed and search engines, security, and ongoing technical support are elements that we can provide for your website.

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Online store

The online stores we create are tailored to your customers as well as your business model.

Adapted to different devices, with a good search engine, fast, secure, with efficient CMS, allowing for an attractive display of your products and providing customers with the ability to make payments through various methods.

We would be happy to undertake such a project and implementation for your company.

PIM (Product Information Management)

This solution enables you to effectively manage, share, and update information about your products in a consistent and automated manner.

It ensures accurate and up-to-date information about your products: technical data, descriptions, photos, reviews, videos, and operating instructions across various distribution channels.

Konfigurator produktów

Product configurator

This tool is particularly useful for companies that offer products with many options and variations.

By implementing a configurator in your online store, you'll increase order accuracy, reduce customer service time, offer customers the ability to personalize and customize products based on multiple parameters, and enhance user engagement. This, in turn, will result in greater satisfaction from transactions on both sides: yours and the customers.

At SunGroup, we have implemented several product configurators and are confident that such implementation will bring benefits to your company as well.

Sales-boosting functionalities

One of the goals of D2C e-commerce is to increase sales, establish direct contact with the customer, and build a loyal consumer base

Achieving this goal is possible through the implementation of functionalities that not only make the offer more attractive to customers but also contribute to greater convenience and satisfaction with purchases.

An online store on the powerful Sun CMS engine includes a module that allows for the introduction of various promotions, discount codes, and much more.

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