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PIM (Product Managment Information) This tool enables efficient management of thousands of SKUs in your e-commerce. With a single panel, you can manage all product data and streamline the process of listing products in your online store or on a B2B platform.
We implement PIM systems tailored to the needs of your business
Centralized Management
The PIM system serves as a central database of product information, allowing for bulk data export to selected sales channels. Each SKU can have any number of language versions.
Faster Product Listing
By centralizing product data, leveraging automation, integrating with sales channels, and utilizing prepared templates and established processes, new SKUs can become visible very quickly, such as in an online store.
Reduction of Operational Costs
Automated product management processes reduce errors associated with manual editing of individual data, increase operational efficiency of teams, and consequently contribute to an overall reduction in operating costs.
“Rich content”, meaning rich product data
PIM can be integrated with any data sources so that the product record contains as much supporting data for customer purchasing decisions as possible, such as: descriptions, attributes, animations, videos, PDF files, presentations, etc.
Easy Data Updates
PIM enables quick and effective data updates across all distribution channels. This eliminates the need for manual data updates in multiple locations, reducing the time required to implement changes.
Interdepartmental Collaboration
With PIM, different departments within the company can easily collaborate on introducing new products to the market. Information is accessible to all stakeholders, facilitating coordination and reducing delays associated with lack of communication.

PIM operates bidirectionally

PIM is a tool through which information is delivered (e.g., via dedicated APIs from manufacturers, file uploads, or manual modifications), and on the other hand, it is fed into, for example, product cards in online stores or B2B platforms, price lists in physical stores, or descriptions on auction portals.

PIM is Integrated

PIM can also be integrated with marketing tools, allowing for better communication customization and effective management of marketing campaigns.

PIM can also be integrated with marketing tools, enabling better communication customization and efficient management of marketing campaigns.

Things to Know Before Implementing PIM

Things to Know Before Implementing PIM

  • The first stage of implementation involves analysis, which allows for a detailed specification of the scope of work, schedule, and budget,
  • Preparing data for migration is a good time to organize data formats, remove duplicates, or outdated information,
  • During the implementation, we integrate with all necessary systems and keep you informed about the progress,
  • After the implementation is completed, we conduct training for your team,
  • During the initial weeks of operation, we monitor and optimize the system's performance.
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