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Lighting industry
Wyzwania branży oświetleniowej

Challenges in the lighting industry

The lighting market in Poland is developing steadily; however, companies in the industry face significant competition and fragmentation.

It happens that the dynamic growth of a company is not matched by the development of its software, ultimately resulting in fewer orders, excessive inventory, or a prolonged time to list products on the website.

For over 15 years, Sun Group has been advising, implementing, and developing B2B sales platforms and online stores tailored to individual needs. We are familiar with the most common problems and have effective solutions for them.

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Obstacles hindering business development in the lighting industry

Unattractive and slow website
Outdated graphics, long page loading times, incorrect display of information on mobile devices - all of these discourage potential customers.
Difficulty finding the right product
The range in the lighting market is extremely wide, making it challenging for customers to find the right product/solution. Customers often have to spend a significant amount of time searching for the right solution.
Messy product descriptions
A large product database that creates issues with managing descriptions, photos, product parameters, and all additional information expected by potential customers.
Issues with B2B order processing
Dysfunctional B2B platforms that contractors are reluctant to use, or a lack of automation in order acceptance, often resulting in orders being processed through email or phone, either in full or in various stages (such as gathering customer requirements or needs).

See the feedback from our client,

Working on the project for our company had two workstreams. First of all, we needed a new, advanced website for clients from more than 100 countries. What we also needed was creating a B2B platform for PH, integrated with our ERP system. Sun Group employees proved many times that the more difficult the project, the bigger the motivation they approached solving it with, creating reliable and useful websites. We’ve been cooperating for a couple of years and this has been one of the most successful and fruitful projects.

Opinia naszego Klienta ES-System
Magdalena Kudłacz
Online Marketing Manager ES-System

Solutions that will elevate your company to a higher level of development!

Solutions that will elevate your company to a higher level of development!

We design modern websites with convenient filters and a robust search function.

Do you collaborate with lighting designers or distributors? Ensure that your website is clear, products are well-presented, and rich in up-to-date information.

Possible import of products from current sources
Service and development of the website are possible after implementation
We create multilingual websites managed through a single 
Product Information Management (PIM) panel.
Platforma sprzedaży B2B lub B2C

B2B or B2C sales platform

A well-designed online store, powered by a robust and fast engine, is the showcase of every business.

E-commerce is evolving rapidly, and stores that were implemented 4-5 years ago are often outdated and poorly adapted to mobile devices. Whether you need to refresh the look of your store or implement a new B2B platform, our solutions:

We design according to new trends, UX principles, and customer needs
Equipping with functionalities that boost sales quickly
Integration with your ERP system, courier companies, online payments, etc.

PIM stands for Product Information Management

PIM, or Product Information Management, is a system for managing all product information, including language versions, available in one convenient panel.

It functions as a product information bank to which various applications, websites, auction platforms, price lists, catalogs, etc., connect. All these elements retrieve information about a specific product from the central PIM system. This system is characterized by its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Automation of product listing on the website
Improved data quality
Time and cost savings for the team
Konfigurator produktów

Product configurator

A product configurator is a tool that allows your customers to choose the parameters of the product they are looking for.

With the applied technology, the customer can preview how the appearance of a given product and its price change as they adjust settings. Examples of product configurators in your industry:

Track lighting configurator (shape, color, type of spotlights, etc.)
Lamp configurator (e.g., number of light sources, shade color, etc.)

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