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B2B platforms
A B2B platform is a tool that supports and enhances business transactions between companies, based on functionalities commonly found in standard online purchasing. With such solutions, you can automate a significant number of sales processes within your company and foster long-term collaborations with business partners.
Our solutions supporting your Business-to-Business
Sales process automation
A B2B platform enables customers to place orders online, eliminating the need for phone calls or in-person visits. This takes the pressure off the sales team.
Offer personalization
With additional features such as product configurators, your customers can see products tailored to their recent purchases, complementary items, or related products.
Data in one place
A B2B platform is an excellent space to integrate data from various sources, ensuring the consistency and currency of information, such as inventory levels, price lists, settlement documents, and product information.
Additional functionalities
Your B2B platform can be enriched with features that support sales or optimize store management, such as PIM, product configurators, multistore capabilities, calculators, product recommendations, etc.
Loyalty programs
On a B2B platform, it's possible to implement automatic discount thresholds and dedicated promotions for defined groups of clients. This solution expedites order processing, eliminating the need for direct negotiations with a sales representative.
Good design
The online purchasing experience of your clients is crucial. That's why the B2B platform looks almost like a regular online store. Designed in line with market trends and UX principles, it encourages frequent visits and convenient order placement.
Sun Group for B2B
We design and implement architecture tailored to the infrastructure and IT systems in your company. We integrate with ERP systems such as SAP Business One, enova365, Comarch XL, and Optima, Subiekt, IFS, etc., as well as with other necessary applications for the functioning of your B2B platform.
Solutions Tailored
to an industry
Both B2B platforms and online stores are always designed with respect to the specifics of each industry. We understand your business, the challenges you face – the system you receive will be flexible, scalable, and tailored to your needs.
Maintenance and development
We offer maintenance and service support in hourly packages or other forms tailored to your needs. After the implementation, the store comes with a three-month reliability guarantee. We handle outages within the SLA framework.
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How we work

We work in the Agile methodology, adapting swiftly to new circumstances or requirements. Flexibility is a trait highly valued by our clients.
We operate on the belief that there is no situation without a solution. We solve problems both within the project and with external companies collaborating with our clients.
We have completed over 50 projects, 
including the implementation of online stores, B2B platforms, and websites.
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