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Indywidualne rozwiązania e-commerce dla branży urody i pielęgnacji ciała

Custom e-commerce solutions for the beauty and body care industry.

We have good news:
The beauty and body care sector is thriving online!

Poles spend more nominally in drugstores*, and a  ¼ of them make purchases through the online channel**. Regardless of the channel—offline or online—consumers buying cosmetics seek product information on the Internet, even though the information about them typically reaches them first through the offline channel.

When it comes to B2B e-commerce in the cosmetics industry, it is still in the early stages of development. This indicates a good moment to capture the market. But how? With proven e-commerce solutions.

For over 15 years, Sun Group has been advising, implementing, and developing B2B sales platforms and online stores tailored to individual needs. We are familiar with industry challenges and have designed and implemented solutions for major brands, including Cosmo Group (owner of brands like NeoNail, MyLAQ, Neo).

* Source Business Insider
**Source: badanie YourCX Omnichannel 2022 Health and Beauty stores

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Transform the outdated sales model!

In the B2B cosmetics industry, the traditional, heavily offline system of collecting orders from contractors is still quite common. Phone orders require employee involvement, significant effort, and even manual adjustments to promotions for customer groups by sales representatives. Meanwhile, in the B2C sector, the online sales channel is often underutilized, causing companies to limit their sales and, consequently, not grow.

Do it like the biggest, and even better!

At Sun Group, we have implemented, among others, a B2B platform for one of the largest players in the beauty industry. We are familiar with the challenges, as well as the expectations of executives, owners, IT directors, and marketing directors in this business sector. Benefit from our knowledge and proven tools. And who knows, perhaps together we will develop even better solutions for your company?

Stay ahead or keep up with the trends!

The health and beauty industry heavily rely on trends. Companies (and not only) continually create, monitor, and introduce new assortments and products based on these trends. It is crucial to promptly respond to changing preferences, behaviors, and adjust the offerings. By aligning with preferences and changes, contractors and end customers will stay with you and your company/brand for longer. At Sun Group, we have solutions for that.

Piękno i wydajność
            w rozwiązaniach Sun Ecommerce

E-commerce solutions that address the needs of the beauty business and boost sales

The foundation

Functional online store or a dedicated B2B platform.

A well-functioning and cohesive B2B platform and/or user-friendly online store is a reliable way to increase sales and expand the reach to potential customers.

We design according to your needs and the specifics of the industry, while also recommending proven solutions.
We tailor functionalities to your business that enhance sales and improve user experience on the website.
We adhere to the principle that our clients are only interested in what pertains to beauty on the website, and we take care of the mechanics, performance, and reliability!
Functional online store or a dedicated B2B platform

Software conversion

Advanced promotional modules, upselling, and cross-selling.

Embrace features that allow you to increase the average basket value and further engage your customers.

In the case of the Sun B2B platform, each contractor, upon logging into the system, has access to their dedicated group of products, prices, and discounts.
The online store on the powerful Sun CMS engine includes a module that handles various promotions, discount codes, and much more.
The configurator for sets of related products is a tool through which potential customers see products related to those that interest them. This has proven effective in the beauty industry and will work for you as well.
Rozbudowane moduły promocyjne, upselling i crosselling


PIM - Product Information Management

All product information in one place.

By implementing and utilizing PIM, key processes related to working on the product database become automated, significantly speeding up the introduction of products to the market.

Implementing a PIM database allows you to keep up with trends and introduce an assortment that, at that moment, captures the interest of users.

Automatic product listing capability
Easy handling of multilingual services
Team workflow efficiency
Comprehensive product data providing all information needed for purchase decisions
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Damian Kandora
Implementing a B2B platform for such a large and well-known company is a testament to our high-quality technological solutions. The trust bestowed upon us by one of the industry giants in the beauty sector confirms our knowledge and expertise at every stage. We appreciate the fruitful collaboration and look forward to new challenges: implementing solutions in your company so that your business can experience an increase in order volume and the satisfaction levels of your partners and collaborators. We invite you to explore new possibilities with us.

Damian Kandora

Project & Delivery Manager SunGroup
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