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Collaboration with Media Expert means many measurable effects

years of experience
people in a dedicated team
realized promotional activities
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Key areas of our support

  • designing key visuals for promotional activities
  • designing landing pages
  • graphical support for all digital materials
  • animated HTML5 banners
  • implementation of promotional landing pages
  • handling post-sales mechanisms
  • programming product configurators
  • in-company tools
  • service and technical support for TV Expert
  • managing above 1000 devices dedicated to control TV sets and other video equipment at Media Expert stores
  • a system for sending advertising emails
  • delivery reports and statistics
Contests and lotteries
  • running contests organized by Media Expert alone and in collaboration with producers such as Samsung, JBL, Ekstraklasa
  • complex handling of the lottery organized for the brand’s 15th anniversary

Multidisciplinary support

Shops search engine

UX & Development

Shops search engine

Hundreds of shops all across the country with new ones being open – how to arrange it all? Best to use a map with a full range of information and geolocation.

Media Expert store search engine not only allows to find a particular and the nearest store, but also to find out about opening hours, plan the route and differentiate between shops with different stock categories e.g. “recreation and garden” or “bike service”. All of this to make customers fully informed at the source. Additionally, we upgraded the map with a events section that will keep customers informed of new electronics and appliances stores being open, something that has a crucial meaning in case of such a fast-developing chain.

Website with job offers at Media Expert chain stores

UX & Development

Website with job offers at Media Expert chain stores

What would a shop be without professional customer service? What would a business be without competent employees? Can a firm develop without hiring new staff?

While speaking about development, it’s necessary to note that Media Expert wouldn’t be the biggest electronics and appliances stores chain in Poland if it wasn’t for people. However, new employees first need to be encouraged to apply, hence, an extended ‘career’ tab which allows them to seek job offers according to many search criteria. What’s also helpful is a map that enables to seek job offers through geolocation or by traditionally typing in the address. A candidate can also filter through offers by looking for something desired in thematic sections such as ‘IT’, ‘warehouse’, ‘logistics’ or ‘dispatch’.

A stable inflow of employees is a necessary condition for a company that has to staff more than 530 shops. You cannot only rely on foreign services; a well-prepared and managed ‘career’ section on the website with an updated list of job offers is a ‘must have’ with a business of this size.

A lottery for the 15th anniversary of Media Expert

Konkursy i loterie

A lottery for the 15th anniversary of Media Expert

Contests and lotteries are our specialities at Sun Group. For years, we have been realizing these types of projects for Media Expert, supporting selling operations and simultaneously realizing additional marketing goals.

So far, we have organized contests for Media Expert in collaboration with firms such as Toshiba, JBL, Electrolux, or even PKO Ekstraklasa. We were also responsible for running an exceptional, jubilee lottery for the 15th anniversary of the company.

Our team handles complex organization of such events. Because very often we take on a role of the organizer, we are responsible for the rules and regulations, we design a dedicated landing page and announce winners whom we later inform about winning. Everything is run with attention to security of contestants’ personal data. At the end, we also handle tax settlement.The contests and lotteries that we run are a perfect opportunity to activate clients, collaborate with other brands and generate valuable opinions.

Our own system and SunPlayer app for the needs of TV Expert – a store TV broadcast.


Our own system and SunPlayer app for the needs of TV Expert – a store TV broadcast.

It is safe to say said that almost everyone must have seen some contents displayed on the screens of TV sets at Media Expert shops… And so did we; because we are the creators of this solution.

SunPlayer is a system that only requires internet connection to control a visual broadcast across all available and controlled devices such as tables, smartphones, monitors and TVs. SunPlayer is a perfect solution for store chains like Media Expert where on TV screens and other devices, there are fully automated presentations, advertisement or information about the offer. Changing it takes a second and only requires internet connection.

With the help of a very intuitive control panel, we can manage the displayed communication and even within a couple of minutes, we can change the whole programme. One player can be connected to an unlimited number of devices. Thus, you can have a particular content displayed at any place.

It is a very convenient solution because it allows you to control the broadcast content on many screens from a single system. SunPlayer draws customers’ attention, engages them and makes it possible to adjust communication to particular audience, place and time. Moreover, it is possible to generate a report of displayed campaigns as each player transfers detailed information of a working duration and displayed videoclips into the system. Thanks to this, SunPlayer has become an exceptionally effective marketing tool.

CX surveys implementation

Customer Experience & Analytics

CX surveys implementation

Why is it important to care about a positive customer experience? A satisfied customer is more prone to do shopping, then to place another order, and in the long term, to recommend the shop to a friend.

Sun Group has created a system to process Media Expert customer experience surveys. It generates and analyses how the customers use the shop, and collects data from these surveys in order to assess and optimize CX. All of this to efficiently improve and make shopping online easier, because a satisfied client will be happy to come back.

The surveys were extended with features such as reports, sourcing through external data (e.g. APIs or CSV files), error notifications and analysis. Everything is fully editable by the client without a developer’s intervention. The system has been working nonstop for more than two years and helped to improve the efficiency of opening surveys and answering by several percent.

Promotional activities management system

Project Management

Promotional activities management system

Scale and extend of Media Expert business reflects the scale of challenges for marketing managers. Managing hundreds of marketing campaigns is a real challenge, a challenge that we figured out.

A system that uses fully-automated notifications together with assigning particular roles can optimize working on the biggest projects. Thanks to the right structure, easy editing and status changing, there is no need to worry that something will slip anybody’s mind.

Our software allows you to manage groups, permissions, assign owners and effectively run campaigns from the first step, which is registering, until the final stage of acceptance. Like with all the other flexible solutions, the system is naturally connected to many external tools used at the firm.

This a large-scale solution, proven by more than 250 employees of Media Expert who use our system, realized above 15000 campaigns and wrote half a million comments. It is worth mentioning here that the system also analyses time spent on a given campaign in order to settle it correctly and generate a final report.

Implementation automation and landing page service system

Marketing & Development

Implementation automation and landing page service system

Landing pages are a domain of sales activities in e-commerce and our system is there to help generate particular results of one of the biggest retailers of electronics and home appliances sector.

The LP system for Media Expert operates with millions of queries per hour, refreshing approximately 6000 landing pages (yes, let’s spell it; six thousand). An offer is updated every 15 minutes, considering current prices, warehouse status, discounts or product priority.

The system monitors the correct start times and end times of LPs, analyses errors and sends alerts of invalid events or malfunctions. What is important, it sends information of sold-out products to the respective project manager of a particular product category the moment its availability drops to 70%. The system generates a range of reports and statistics giving the client a possibility of editing and exchanging products on an LP. Running a large e-commerce using such solutions is much smarter.

We’ve been cooperating with Sun Group for 15 years! Such a long cooperation time is perhaps the best recommendation. We entrusted their company not only with three online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also realized a couple of bigger and smaller projects for us. I truly recommend them because they really know their business.

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