Sun CMS or ready-made solutions?

Are you wondering how our solution can be better than Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, and others? See how we address common myths about dedicated solutions.
Sun CMS or ready-made solutions?
There are no perfect solutions, but there are ones that fit specific businesses and enterprises better than others. When choosing a technology partner, it's worth addressing widely spread myths about specific solutions.

We will attempt to respond to the most common accusations made against dedicated solutions.
Myth 1:

A dedicated store is built from scratch or only has basic modules

At Sun Group, we have developed a powerful engine called Sun CMS, which, in its basic version, includes all the necessary modules for an e-commerce store to function. In the extended version, we have many additional modules and features that are useful for more advanced businesses.

If you have specific needs, we are capable of efficiently designing and programming what you require, including unique solutions in the market, which gives us an advantage over all ready-made solutions.

Sun CMS is proven and has been in operation for years for clients such as, Indiana, Mad dog, and Verseo.
Myth 2:

By opting for a customized store, you become dependent on a single provider

Choosing a technology partner is a lengthy process in every company, where all possible opportunities and risks are considered. Once this decision is made, both companies invest their time and resources in creating new solutions and adapting them to market conditions. Typically, it is a long-term collaboration, but like any business relationship, it carries risks, let's emphasize, mutual risks.

Easy changes of IT system providers are only possible in the case of very simple, off-the-shelf solutions. Where customization and substantial resources are involved in the project, changing providers is neither quick nor cheap, despite what is promoted about "off-the-shelf" solutions.

At Sun Group, we value building lasting relationships, solving difficult situations in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding. Our years of experience and client relationships demonstrate that we are a trustworthy partner.
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We have the functionalities you need to sell more and drive the development of your online business.
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Myth 3:

Managing a store always requires programmers, and you have to wait a long time for every new functionality

We build and develop both new and existing stores on an existing system that has many modules and advanced functionalities tailored to specific industries such as interior design, lighting, beauty, and many others.

As your sales grow, if new solutions are needed, there is a high probability that we already have them, resulting in a much shorter implementation time. The majority of functionalities, such as setting up basket promotions, are handled by the store's administration. Our offerings also include unique product configurators perfectly suited to specific industries and a PIM (Product Information Management) tool for managing all product data.

If you require specific solutions, contact us as we have extensive experience in implementing innovative solutions.
Myth 4:

Dedicated stores have problems integrating with external systems

The vast majority of our implementations are integrated with existing systems used by our clients, such as ERP systems, various types of databases via APIs, as well as most couriers and payment providers. We have experience with both one-way and two-way integrations. Courier integrations include features such as ordering couriers, generating waybills, labels, etc.

We have ready-made integrations for payment providers such as PayU, Przelewy24, PayPal, Braintree, eService, and Stripe.
Advantages of collaborating with Sun Group
A trusted partner

We have years of experience based on mutual trust in cooperation with companies like Media Expert, Lenovo, and ES-System. We have implemented over 30 online stores and have been in the market for over 15 years. Our team consists of over 50 professionals.


Our experience extends beyond implementing and developing online stores and B2B platforms. We also have competencies in personal data storage, organizing contests based on existing laws, and creating unique landing pages.

Innovative solutions

We are the creators of solutions such as SunPlayer (a tool for managing content display on multiple screens) and SunMail (a tool for sending marketing communications that has already delivered millions of emails to subscribers of various websites).

One system to manage everything

We can handle an online store, website, B2B platform, PIM, and product configurators within a single system that can be integrated with your ERP system and necessary databases. This is an exceptionally cost-effective and efficient solution.

Polish company

We are a Polish company operating locally, organizing internship programs for technical school students and university students from nearby institutions. By collaborating with us, you support the development of Polish know-how and the Polish economy.


Trust of our partners is a great distinction for us



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