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There is so much talk that a good website is essential. Easy to say, but harder to do. Because creating a website is an art, especially nowadays, when its users use different devices. Smartphone, laptop, tablet - the readability of the site should not be lost on a smaller screen.

At Sun Group we care not only about good UX, design and functionality. We will ensure that your website is optimized for SEO. To achieve this, we constantly test and change, because the reality around us is changing.

The most important thing is not to get lost in the chaos of search results. Do you want your business to be visible? We know how to do it.

All the websites we launch are based on our own CMS system. We can easily change it according to the needs of our clients. We also provide hosting on fast servers based on SSD disks. Thanks to that the websites we design are safe and reliable.

How it works

How do we make sure our sites are good


We use our own CMS

We provide independent and easy editing of content.

We provide security

Data security is unquestionable - so we'll make sure your website is secure and trustworthy.


Our websites meet the latest IT and UX standards, but most importantly - we design them based on our clients' needs.

We simplify and ensure accessibility

Our websites are clear and intuitive. We care about accessibility for people with disabilities.

We ensure fast loading speed

A site that loads slowly or doesn't load at all - that's not our fable.

Support and service

Implementation is not the end. We support our Clients in the development and maintenance of services.

Selected projects

See how we've transformed our customers' platforms


Comparison engine website

A fully automated, high performance price comparison site that works with Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Services). The number of currently supported products is nearly 0.5 million and is growing rapidly.

UI/UX Design
See case study
Krajowe Centrum Złota

Unique shopping platform and website

An innovative purchasing system based on Sun Group's original CMS and a website in a clear, simple and modern form, as well as technology allowing for further development of the platform.

UI/UX Design
See case study

Online store combining design with modern technology

Modern and intuitive website with online store integrated with client's ERP and modern 3D product configurator.

UI/UX Design
See case study
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Collaboration proces

How we work - step by step




We gather information. On their basis we design details and then we combine them into a one concept. We dress it up in an intuitive interface, ensuring its responsiveness on all devices. And all this to create your consistent image.

Conversation as a starting point

Let's talk about your goals, your business context. This will help us choose the right resources to achieve this goal.

Project planning

We select tools and analyze their usability. Then we plan the information architecture that's right for your customers.

Design suport

A project cannot exist without an owner. That is why we will consult our project with you and present you the plan. If necessary, we will improve it.




The first mockups give a lot of fun, but usually require improvements. By working in stages and iterations, we can build a site that meets all modern design standards.


We design in an iterative model - we create mockups and see if they are effective. Then we correct the mistakes - and by working in several such cycles, we achieve the right result.

UX audit

We'll check out your current site, talk about your needs and target audience.


We ensure that your website is accessible and readable for people with disabilities because we follow WCAG guidelines.




We like to think of our websites as custom-made for our clients. In fact, they are. We adjust our tools to your needs, to ensure balance between IT and UX standards, and the business context in which you operate.

Online Store

E-commerce is the foundation of business right now. That's why we will design and implement an online store that will allow you to automate your sales and increase your profits.

Custom CMS

Our system allows you to easily modify the parameters of the site and the content that is on it.

B2B platforms

Manage contractors and relationships. Increase the benefits of automation and personalization. This will be provided by a B2B platform that we can create for your business.


We can create a configurator, thanks to which your customers will be able to compose a product on their own. All they have to do is to enter its parameters (e.g. dimensions). We will create an effective wizard even for a complicated product.




We do not turn off the light and we do not close the door - it remains open for our partners. The implementation of the website does not mean the end of cooperation. We provide support in maintaining and further development of the site.


Do you want to train your employees to use new tools efficiently? Our experts are at your service and will provide training at a level tailored to your audience.


See how the new version of your website works. Want to change something? Improve? Contact us, we provide consultation and development support.See how the new version of your website works. Want to change something? Improve? Contact us, we provide consultation and development support.

Care packages

Let's make an appointment with you for the extent of support you realistically need.

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