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Artforma: how to get to the other side of the mirror


How to enter the new world?

Entering the world of e-commerce with your business is like a new business opening. Even if you've been in business for 20 years - getting it online is a new deal. Thanks to the project with Sun Group, our client has repeated business success.

Artforma is one of the leading manufacturers of LED mirrors. The offer of more than 100 products can be used by customers throughout Europe. Stationary stores have been a source of profit, but the development of an interior design company on the Internet is now necessary to attract new customers. These customers are more and more willing to furnish their homes on the Internet - especially nowadays.

We were recently contacted by an Artform sales manager who understood this problem perfectly.

After a few conversations, we already knew what our client's main challenge was. How to increase online visibility? How to increase online sales? And above all - how to do all this while emphasizing the advantages of the product? The main advantage of Artforma is a perfect adaptation and configuration of the product. You can approach it traditionally and give a choice among existing products. But the best way... let the customer design the product according to their own needs.

This cooperation was written for us. At Sun Group we operate in a similar way. In order to build an appropriate interface, to build a user-friendly website that fulfils its business function, we also select appropriate means and adjust them to the client's needs.

Implementation proces

Let's take a deeper insight.
A full range of possibilities!

At first look, it seemed simple - Artforma needed an online store to sell their product - LED mirrors. Thanks to our solutions at Sun Group we were able to give our clients a full range of possibilities.

Home page, subpages with assortment, intuitive search engine, properly built product descriptions - all this is necessary in a good online store. However, it is worth looking wider to give the best experience not only to the user, but also to our client who manages the store.

So our goal was to create a store that would be independent and convenient to use not only for site visitors, but also for the store's back office.

That's why we built the store based on the configurator. Each customer can design a mirror according to his or her needs and see the design on a 3D visualization. The configurator mechanism allows you to design hundreds of thousands of variations of the product!

Importantly, the customer on the Artforma website has access to the most popular online payment providers, so we provide choice and simply convenience. And all this is based on a system that ensures proper communication between our in-house CMS and the client's ERP. Thanks to this online store is integrated with the system to manage the company and the warehouse . Information about the order immediately reaches the manufacturer and goes to the implementation. We have also integrated the store with a large number of price comparison engines (e.g. Ceneo, Compari, Heudreka, Shopmania, Zbozi).

The store offers numerous payment methods. Customers can pay conveniently through the Przelewy24 service. They can also use BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPo, Inteligo. With international customers in mind, the store also provides payments via PayPal. Of course, supporters of traditional methods can use payment by card or bank transfer.


Success can mirror success, too.

The holistic approach to building an online store has had the expected result. Together with Artforma, we built a world for people who are looking for their custom mirror.

What is the effect of our cooperation? Just 6 months after opening the online store sales doubled. The artforma.pl store is visited by an average of 30 thousand customers a month.

Thanks to this success in Poland, the manufacturer was able to expand its online sales abroad. At the moment, customers can use the store in 25 different languages.

What is more, they can use the full range of functionalities provided by the Polish version. In this project, we have also taken care of proper positioning both in the Polish and foreign Internet.

Users can quickly and easily design an LED mirror and see its visualization - even before they pay. The payment process is quick and easy. Thanks to the order tracking feature, Artforma customers know at what stage their purchase is. The full integrity of our CMS with Artforma's systems ensures efficient service. The result in the form of doubled sales and business growth is the best review that can be given to the joint project of Sun Group and Artforma.

Artforma started 20 years ago. Now it has started again - online. And then and now - with success!

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