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Contests and lotteries

Are you considering organizing a contest or lottery? Or perhaps the decision has already been made, but you need a good partner to handle such an action? You're in the right place!

We have years of experience in organizing contests and lotteries, ensuring compliance with applicable legal regulations. We design, implement, and monitor their progress to guarantee maximum benefits for your brand and participants.

People have benefited from the contests and lotteries we've organized.
Registered entries for contests and lotteries.
The prizes we have awarded so far have a value of
The lottery applications accepted by IAS.

We give you the certainty you need:


We ensure compliance with legal regulations and good practices:

  • om the agreement and regulations,
  • through personal data processing,
  • o prize distribution, tax settlement, and resolution of potential complaints.

In other words, we become the official organizer of the campaign.


We will jointly develop the entire concept, but we take on all elements of the process and responsibility for them:

  • We consult on the mechanics of the contest or lottery.
  • We advise on communication and marketing campaigns as well as the attractiveness of prizes.
  • After prize distribution, we handle tax settlement and resolve potential complaints.
  • We design an attractive landing page and a clear registration form,
  • We create graphic and marketing materials.

We leverage our over 15 years of experience to design and tailor lotteries and contests to your individual needs. We work:

  • In accordance with the best practices developed over the years with various brands,
  • we point out the latest trends,
  • we know what to do to ensure maximum visibility for the brand and attract as many consumers as possible.
These companies and brands have already checked us out!
These companies and brands have already checked us out!

So far, we have carried out dozens of online campaigns for many brands, including:

See what a representative from LetyShops says about collaborating with us

"Successfully organizing the lottery was no small feat, but it's just the beginning of our journey. We wholeheartedly thank everyone who contributed to its creation. Half a million entries – it exceeded our wildest expectations."

Maksym Semeniuk

Influencer Marketing Manager LetyShops
Free consulting
We will comprehensively organize a contest or lottery for your company
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What do you choose:
a contest or a lottery?

Winner selection
It requires involvement on the client's side. It's necessary to complete a task or answer a contest question.
How to participate in the contest?
  • purchase and retain the sales document.
  • submit the completed task (via SMS, website).
Forms of prizes
  • winners are always selected by a committee.
Legal formalities
  • preparation of regulations
  • preparation of regulations
Prize drawing
Easy for participants. Just signing up is enough to participate.
How to participate in the lottery?
  • purchase and retain the sales document
  • submission (via SMS, website)
instant prizes
  • instant prizes
  • intermediate drawings
  • final draw
Legal formalities:
  • permit from the Tax Administration Chamber
  • required bank guarantee
  • notification to the Tax Administration Chamber about the commencement and conclusion of the lottery
  • quarterly submission of economic and financial data compilation of the organizer to the Tax Administration Chamber
  • supervision of the lottery and drawing requires the presence of a person with a professional certificate

Contests and lotteries that we have successfully conducted

  • Salvequick – Loteria marzeń (Lottery of Dreams)
    Salvequick – Loteria marzeń (Lottery of Dreams)
    For Orkla Care, we organized a nationwide lottery in order to promote Salvequick brand. A 2-month long lottery, which offered daily, weekly and a main prize, was well-received and had a huge interest.
    For the purpose of the lottery, we created a dedicated landing page with a raffle drawing mechanism, a database and integration with SMS API. We also handled complex legal formalities. Contestants could win cinema tickets, vouchers for Suntago aqua park and win the main prize of 20 000 zlotys (PLN) for a life journey.
  • Media Expert – 15th birthday
    Media Expert – 15th birthday
    A birthday is always a perfect occasion to celebrate; and celebrating this event is even more significant in a great company of your own clients. It’s thanks to them that the brand succeeds, can develop and celebrate further jubilees.
    Therefore, for the 15th birthday, Media Expert ordered us to prepare an exceptional lottery with a hundred 60-inch Samsung TVs; The condition for participating in the lottery was to make any purchase within a given timeframe and register the receipt including sharing personal data. For the purposes of this activity, not only did we prepare a landing page, but also many promotional POS materials. It was also our responsibility to inform the winners about their awards and inform them what to do next to pick it up. To maintain transparency of the whole process and guarantee the best quality of service, the phone calls were recorded. Dozens of thousands of registrations received proves that the lottery was successful.
  • LetyShops - Win 100,000 PLN for shopping!
    LetyShops - Win 100,000 PLN for shopping!
    On behalf of LetyShops, we organized a lottery that exceeded all expectations, both ours and the client's. The interest was so immense that over 500,000 tickets were issued! This way, we broke the record for entries in contests and lotteries organized by us so far.
    We handled everything comprehensively:
    • from consulting on mechanics, landing page, and all communications
    • through legal support and formalities
    • to prize distribution and tax settlements
    The grand prize was 100,000 PLN, with additional prizes: 20x 1,000 PLN for shopping at LetyShops' partner stores such as: Sinsay, RTV EURO AGD, Media Expert, Empik, Media Markt, Answear, Zooplus, or Allegro. Congratulations to the winners, and to LetyShops for such a great success with our involvement.
  • Letyshops - Malediwy za dychę (Maldives for a Tenner)
    Letyshops - Malediwy za dychę (Maldives for a Tenner)
    LetyShops is an online shopping platform using cashback service. While ordering items and services at your favourite shops, you can retrieve some of the money spent.
    In a comprehensively organized contest by Sun Group, the main prize was a tourist voucher with a purpose for a journey to Maldives at the value of 40 000 zlotys (PLN). Apart from that, it was also possible to win valuable material prizes: MacBook Pro laptop, SAMSUNG QLED TV set, iPhone 13 Pro, Sony PlayStation 5, Xiomi electric scooter, Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and 50 vouchers to spend on Allegro for the amount of 250 zlotys (PLN) each.
  • LetyShops and Allegro - Daj po garach w nowym roku (Put the Pedal to the Metal in The New Year)
    LetyShops and Allegro - Daj po garach w nowym roku (Put the Pedal to the Metal in The New Year)
    The main prize in the contest organized for LetyShops shopping platform in collaboration with Allegro was Mercedes GLA 200. This is exactly the kind of car that you can put the pedal to the metal with!
    To get a chance of getting a new Mercedes, a contestant had to do shopping on Allegro through LetyShops for the minimal amount of 40 zlotys (PLN) and give an interesting and original answer to the question “Why do you like to buy on Allegro?”.

    The effect was more than 12 000 replies, the joy of winners, satisfaction of the contest’s client and the partner, and another successful realization of ours.
  • The Magic of Christmas with Vogue Polska
    The Magic of Christmas with Vogue Polska
    Vouge Polska and Westfield Mokotów planned to prepare Christmas surprises in order to brighten time spent shopping in galleries. Extra bonus gifts for Christmas shopping, a contest with prizes and an exceptional Vogue Polska and Osnova Publishing boutique were all there for visitors!
    For the purposes of the event from 6th to 11th of December 2022, we organized a Christmas event based on bonus sales (it was possible to receive an aromatic winter tea with seasonal herbs and spices and have it wrapped) and a contest. To participate in it, a customer had to register with a receipt at Vogue Christmas zone in Westfield Mokotów and provide an answer to the question: “What does Christmas mean to you?”. There were 10 special prizes to win, including “Vogue Polska” subscription, a Rituals cosmetics set or Lilou necklace.
Trust of our partners is a great distinction for us
  • We’ve been cooperating with Sun Group for 15 years! Such a long cooperation time is perhaps the best recommendation. We entrusted their company not only with three online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also realized a couple of bigger and smaller projects for us. I truly recommend them because they really know their business.
    Tomasz Komorowski
    Marketing Director, TERG S.A.
  • Working on the project for our company had two workstreams. First of all, we needed a new, advanced website for clients from more than 100 countries. What we also needed was creating a B2B platform for PH, integrated with our ERP system. Sun Group employees proved many times that the more difficult the project, the bigger the motivation they approached solving it with, creating reliable and useful websites. We’ve been cooperating for a couple of years and this has been one of the most successful and fruitful projects.
    Magdalena Kudłacz
    Magdalena Kudłacz
    Online Marketing Manager ES-System
  • Sun Group, among other things, prepared a modern gaming service with a gaming forum. The realization was beyond our expectations. The work went very smoothly, according to the schedule and timetable. We are very satisfied and with future realizations we will surely keep cooperation with Sun Group in mind.
    Jacek Woźniak
    Jacek Woźniak
    Marketing Operations Program Mgr Lenovo
  • We reached out to Sun Group because we needed a new website that would show the history and the tradition of the Brewery together with our offer in a modern form. The results of this cooperation were positively surprising. I can only talk about cooperation with the company in superlatives. We brewed and drank this beer together. I recommend Sun Group and send my regards.
    Tomasz Kamiński
    Tomasz Kamiński
    Chairman of the Board in Browar Czarnków
  • We've known people from Sun Group for many years. Our cooperation has always been thorough and in time. I trust them enough to have given all brands included in the Astra Group under their supervision. Sun Group does graphical works for us and manages our website. I am very satisfied about our cooperation.
    Paweł Kądziela
    Paweł Kądziela
    ASTA-NET Managing director
  • Sun Group prepared and implemented many features for us; features that would facilitate the work of the office workers and their petitioners. For many years, the county office websites have been hosted at Sun Group and the company's employees have supported many of the county office departments. If you are looking for a reliable partner who understands very specific requirements of county office units, then I can definitely recommend Sun Group.
    Piotr Wojnar
    Piotr Wojnar
    IT director in Starostwo Powiatowe
  • Sun Group helped us in creating a mobile app and a website with theoretical driving tests on the basis and in compliance with questions from a national driving test. This was a pioneering, innovative and multistage project and that's why, we decided to work with a firm that would provide us with a dedicated solution and complete, flexible support in developing the website. Sun Group team can always identify business needs well and do their best to effectively implement them.
    Damian Bogusławski
    Damian Bogusławski
    SPH Credo Business manager
  • We began our cooperation with Sun Group a few years ago. We mostly support the company in terms of legal and formal matters in realizing contests and lotteries for their clients. Together, we have realized many projects connected with personal data protection and trainings within that range. An e-learning platform that we built with Sun Group helps us a lot in realizing trainings.
    Tomasz Grzybowski
    Tomasz Grzybowski
    Partner at CORE Law Grzybowski & Pilc Attorneys-at-Law
  • I started cooperation with Sun Group by implementing an e-commerce shop that sold doors. Currently, I turn to the guys with each new project that I personally take part in. I'm satisfied with the service and the thoroughness that Sun Group provides me with. I think that our doings will result in a long-term cooperation.
    Piotr Szulim
    Piotr Szulim
    Development manager Kon-Trade Kraina Drzwi
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