A landing page

that converts

Landing Page
The sole purpose of a landing page is to convert traffic into specific user actions, such as purchasing a product or service, leaving contact information (lead generation), getting acquainted with new offerings, downloading an ebook, or signing up for an event, such as a webinar.
Need an effective landing page? Take a deep breath, we'll do it for you! For years, we've been creating landing pages for major e-commerce businesses, mid-sized firms, and manufacturers, and we know how to do them well.
We comprehensively prepare a landing page
that is tailored to your business and goals.
When designing a landing page, we focus on the unique features of your brand and offerings. We thoroughly understand the context of your products or services, examining what sets them apart and who the offer is targeted towards. This allows us to create a personalized design and tailor the entire page to your business.
When creating effective and user-friendly websites, we rely on tried and tested, as well as efficient solutions developed through our years of experience. This way, we deliver landing pages to our clients that not only present their offer attractively but also sell.
or Different Devices
When designing a landing page, we create it with the optimal and effective display on every device in mind. We prioritize user convenience by providing a website that works and looks good, especially on smartphones. Therefore, the recipient can take action even with just a thumb swipe.
We craft phrases, but without clichés! We optimize content for SEO, implement solutions to ensure fast loading times. We make every effort to ensure your landing page is visible on the first pages of search results and more accessible to users.
and Statistics
If needed, we have a system for managing landing pages with comprehensive page monitoring and analytics to achieve better marketing results.
Dodatkowe usługi: System zarządzania landing page'ami
Tool for managing a large number
of landing pages

In our portfolio, we also offer a system for automating the deployment and management of landing pages. This is our proprietary solution that we have developed and implemented for the largest network of consumer electronics and home appliances: Media Expert.

The system:

  • handles thousands of landing pages associated with specific marketing campaigns,
  • allows for editing and product replacement on landing pages,
  • updates the product offering every 15 minutes: checks current prices, inventory levels, and discounts,
  • monitors the duration of campaigns,
  • analyzes errors and sends alerts about abnormalities, including product sell-outs.

The tool also provides the ability to generate statistics and reports on conducted campaigns and landing pages.

Are you managing a very large number of promotional campaigns? Do you need a tool to handle a large number of landing pages?

Our solution will be tailored specifically for you.

See what TERG S.A. representative (Media Expert and mediaexpert.pl) says about collaborating with us.

We have been collaborating with Sun Group for 15 years! Such a long period of cooperation is probably the best recommendation. We entrusted the company not only with the management of 3 online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also completed several larger and smaller projects for us. I sincerely recommend them because they know their job.

Tomasz Komorowski

Dyrektor Marketingu TERG S.A.
Free consulting
We will design and code
converting landing pages
for you.
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Cooperation model
Payment and charging at your convenience
Time & Materials
  • payment based on a report of hours worked,
  • budget and timeframe are forecasted and provided as a range (from - to),
  • high flexibility regarding changes during the project.
Fixed Price
  • payment upon project or stage delivery
  • budget, timeframe, and requirements are predefined,
  • budget, timeframe, and requirements are predefined.
18k +
In total, we have completed over 18,000 landing pages: promotional, product-related, and service-related.
5k +
We created over 5,000 landing pages in 2023 alone.
This is the average rating of our implementations on the Clutch platform.
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