Benefits of dedicated solutions

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There are various paths to reaching a dedicated system

There are various paths to reaching a dedicated system

Some companies knew from the start that their needs and the architecture of different systems were so complex that off-the-shelf solutions were out of the question.

We know businesses that gradually transitioned to a dedicated system - modifying and adding additional modules to their SaaS or Open Source solutions until the point where the system became so complex that development was very slow, but licensing fees increased rapidly along with business growth.

So, what's the path for your business? Do you opt for a tailor-made system right away, or do you need to rearrange and patch together what's already there into a new, efficient system that will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition?

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Dedicated software is created with the specific needs of a particular business in mind. Right from the start, the system optimizes and organizes processes that have often been blockers to development for a long time.
Benefits of dedicated solutions
Customized to your needs
Customized to your needs
All modules and functionalities are designed according to your business requirements and plans for the growth of your company.
The source code is hidden, making the solution much less vulnerable to hacking attacks compared to open-source solutions.
During a single implementation, you can streamline more processes within the company, for example, opting for a PIM (Product Information Management) system that centralizes product management.
You own the code<
You own the code
The existence of your business is not dependent on the existence of an organization producing open-source solutions.
No commission fees
No commission fees
Using dedicated software does not entail additional fees for increased traffic, order quantity, or the number of users.
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Platforma sprzedaży B2B lub B2C

Analyzing the business needs of our clients - even within the same industry - we see that seemingly similar processes are executed in completely different ways.

By opting for a dedicated platform, you don't have to worry about whether off-the-shelf modules will cover the entire logic of your processes, or how much it will cost to customize them right from the start.

Through pre-implementation analysis, we can provide pricing for your project in at least two variants, and by implementing it for you, we can elevate the digitization process within your organization to a higher level.

Process implementation
and Offer

We work with proven technologies:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, Microsoft .NET Core, Devexpress Enterprise (dxp), Add-in Express, CSLA .NET Xamarin, NET, HTML 5, jQuery, Java script, PHP.

This allows us to design and implement stable and advanced projects that are also easy to manage.

.net DevExpress AddInExpress CSLA HTML jQuerry js php
Ready-made integrations, updated by us
  • Autopay
  • Braintree
  • PayU
  • Przelewy24
  • eservice
  • płace online imoje
  • stripe
  • tpay
  • leaselink
  • PayPal
  • dpd
  • InPost
  • heureka
  • compari
  • subiektGT
  • BaseLinker
  • vendo erp
  • fakturownia
  • comarch erp optima
  • comarch erp xl
  • sales manago
What implementation do you need?

Additional services

For interested clients, we provide post-implementation support and development. We bill on an hourly basis or in another form tailored to your business.
There is an option to purchase hosting in a dedicated cloud. In this solution, we are the administrators, which speeds up work in case of failures.
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