Industry of Home Appliances, Electronics, and Electronic Equipment

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Household appliances and electronic equipment industry
Household appliances and electronic equipment industry

In the home appliances, consumer electronics, and electronic equipment industry, efficient strategies and innovative solutions are essential.

The purchasing process for home appliances, audio-visual equipment, and technological novelties, whether in traditional stores or online, begins with the Internet. It is the first place we turn to as consumers.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, the competition in this industry is intense. Manufacturers continually introduce new technologies and innovations, while networks and distributors compete with promotions and offering lower prices.

So, how can you remain competitive and noticeable in such a challenging industry?

Effective solutions that will set you apart in the market.



Promotions attract customers and boost sales. The key lies not only in an appealing promotional mechanism but also in creative and persuasive design, slogans, and content, along with advertising that stands out in the market.

Responding quickly to competitors' promotional activities and efficiently adapting to changes also plays a crucial role in achieving success. Here, flexible tools are needed to ensure proper organization of (sometimes numerous) actions and effective management.

We are also capable of designing and implementing, for your company or marketing department, a system for the rapid implementation of promotions, along with providing the necessary creative support. Benefit from our experience and the proven skills of our team.

Landing pages that convert

A landing page dedicated to promotions, marketing campaigns, or introducing new products and technologies is commonly referred to in the industry as a landing page.

Such a page aims to motivate the user to take a specific action, such as clicking through to a product card or generating a conversion—making a purchase, filling out a contact form, or downloading a file.

An effective landing page should be embedded in your domain, easy to navigate, optimized for mobile devices and SEO, intuitively designed, and contain compelling content.

At Sun Group, we know how to design and implement a landing page that will deliver the best results. We have already prepared over 15,000 of them. Check us out!

Landing page, które konwertują

PIM (Product Information Management)

Companies operating in the home appliances, consumer electronics, and utility electronics industry often have large product indexes in their database. Each product requires an attractive presentation and consistency of information across all distribution channels. This is where our PIM (Product Information Management) comes into play.

PIM is a system/type of platform that will help you efficiently gather, manage, modify, and distribute information about products in your brand. Technical specifications, descriptions, photos, reviews, videos, user manuals – manage everything from one place and integrate with other systems in the company: warehouse management system, CRM, and others.

Solutions tailored for
e-commerce and your company

Success and recognition in this industry require innovative actions and continuous customer satisfaction research.

Product configurators, a system for quickly implementing promotional campaigns, a tool for efficient landing page creation, surveys to assess customer experience, and an efficient system for sending email campaigns are just a few of our proposed enhancements.

Test these solutions!

Rozwiązania dedykowane dla ecommerce i Twojej firmy

See our client's review TERG S.A.

We have been cooperating with Sun Group for 15 years! Such a long period of collaboration is probably the best recommendation. We entrusted the company not only with the management of 3 online stores but also with a complex data management system. Sun Group has also executed several larger and smaller projects for us. I sincerely recommend them because they know their job.

Tomasz Komorowski
Dyrektor Marketingu TERG S.A.
Implemented landing pages for the Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Industry
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