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realizacja strony internetowej ES-SYSTEM

A modern service for worldwide clients

The ES-SYSTEM Company is a prestigious Polish company operating in the lighting business. The company has two production plants and employs over 750 employees. The firm's products lights places varying from small offices to large shopping galleries, stadiums and medical facilities all across the world.

nowoczesna i intuicyjna strona internetowa

Following requirements of the current market and clients whose awareness keeps growing, the firm decided to implement a modern and intuitive consumer service with an extended product catalogue. The main purpose was to improve sales, brand image and provide a comfortable service for consumers and clients.

Wyzwania przy tworzeniu strony internetowej dla ES-SYSTEM

ES-SYSTEM service challenges

  • Designing a large consumer service used by business representatives all over the word
  • Creating an advanced search engine with a result filter
  • Creating connections: purpose – realizations – products used
Segmentacja oferty produktowej na stronie internetowej

Segmentation of product offer

One of the key challenges while creating the service for ES-SYSTEM was to present the wide range of available products. The firm's items make a large product offer; therefore, the task required maximum engagement from us and well-though-out technical solutions.

We have created separate sub-pages describing advantages of a particular system. For each of over 150 realizations from the client's portfolio we have assigned products from the offer. Both realizations and a product offer can be filtered based on an advanced selection system. In care for high availability and intuitive presentation of products, we have designed dynamically generated product cards. Implemented solutions allow to easily browse through ES-SYSTEM realizations and products, making it easier for clients to look up the desired information.

Sprawnie działająca wyszukiwarka produktów

An effective product search engine

With such an extended product portfolio, an important aspect of a functional consumer service is an effective product search engine. We have achieved that thanks to a thought-out implementation of modern technical solutions and a precise search filter parametrization based on specifications of particular product subgroups.

strona internetowa z portfolio produktowym
nowoczesna i intuicyjna strona internetowa

ES-SYSTEM portfolio presentation

While creating a consumer service for ES-SYSTEM, out task was to properly present international projects of the company together with implementing them with a linked product offer. We have also created a search engine with a realization filter that would allow to effectively look for a particular position from ES-SYSTEM portfolio.

Strona korporacyjna, inwestorska

Investors Relations

A separate sub-project during realization for ES-SYSTEM was to create a visually attractive and functional investors relations page where we placed a section with downloadable materials for clients, attached a shares tracking module and made it possible to add updates. Shareholders can easily find particular information thanks to a drop-down menu. We have also placed a firm's timetable, financial information, reports, multimedia and many other key materials about the company.

Strona korporacyjna, inwestorska

Distributors Database

A new version of ES-SYSTEM service was prepared in 4 languages. In tab “contact” we have designed a database of client's distributors integrated with Google Maps which makes it easier to find distributors of ES-SYSTEM both within the country and abroad. For “contact” section we created a dedicated module allowing to manage a large database of business reps' contacts all across the world with a breakdown to their headquarters and regions. What's more, we designed solutions that allowed the client to manage data of subsidiaries and foreign units.