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B2B system

sklep internetowy b2b
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realizacja sklepu internetowego B2B

Dedicated B2B system fully integrated with a proprietary client's ERP

ES-SYSTEM is a prestigious company operating in the field of lightning. The firm offers products all across the globe with two production plants manufacturing lighting products for industrial, office and housing purposes; it also lights medical objects, stadiums and public environment.

Dedicated B2B system allowed ES-SYSTEM to get to their business clients more efficiently; it improved cooperation with contractors and helped to build a professional, business-like image of the brand.

B2B platform challenges

  • Creating a B2B service based on an internal client's ERP system
  • Providing an easy and intuitive products searching system
  • Designing a clear products' catalogue
  • A possibility to project a discount for particular client groups
  • Generating financial reports and sales statistics
  • Creating an intuitive and functional client's panel
  • A tool for tracking the history of orders
  • Setting issues realized by B2B users allowing a continuous communication
Funkcjonalności serwisu B2B dla ES-SYSTEM

Features of B2B service for ES-SYSTEM

Our cooperation with ES-SYSTEM was a multilevel and complex challenge whose one of the elements was to create a dedicated B2B system. As a part of this project, we created an effective, efficient and functional system improving client's cooperation with contractors and business management.

Dedicated B2B system based on the client's ERP internal system

As a part of system realization, we created a functional B2B service effectively integrated with internal client's ERP system. It's a one of a kind system as from the beginning it was created towards individual needs of ES-SYSTEM and the lighting business characteristics.

sklep internetowy z zaawansowaną wyszukiwarką produktów

Easy product searching and an intuitive client's catalogue

We created a functional search engine and a catalogue of products enabling users to look for items among particular stock group or on the basis of many specified characteristics and parameters. Thanks to this, both contractors and ES-SYSTEM can easily find particular products in an enormous base of available items.

A possibility of projecting a discount for particular client groups

According to client's needs, we have created a module that allowed to determine and assign discounts to particular client groups and contractors of ES-SYSTEM. Additionally, B2B users are now given a possibility to prepare a resale offer for their own clients with individually established prices. The system significantly improved communication and B2B cooperation between the producer and suppliers of ES-SYSTEM on all the markets that the our client operates on.

sklep internetowy z grupami klientów
sklep internetowy z łatwym wyszukiwaniem produktów

Generating financial reports and sales statistics

We have equipped a designed B2B system with a possibility to generate, browse and share financial reports and sales statistics which improved tracking cooperation with business partners.

Intuicyjny i funkcjonalny panel klienta

An intuitive and functional client's panel

The panel allows clients to browse through the recent actions in the system and provides them with quite a number of features allowing them to run cooperation with ES-SYSTEM. From the level of the client's panel, it's also possible to browse through the history of orders together with attached invoices and claim a refund. This solution has significantly improved communication between suppliers and the manufacturer and speeded up the refund process.

A possibility of mercantile credit

In order to automate financing of received products, our client decided to implement a module that would allow to efficiently set parameters and conditions of mercantile credit based on contractors' needs.

sklep internetowy z łatwym wyszukiwaniem produktów

Posting threads by B2B users

One of the more important features of the created system is a possibility to post threads on the topic of new investments realized by contractors of ES-SYSTEM. The feature works similarly to solu-tions popular from CRM systems. A user posts their own thread where they communicate with the client with a possibility of attaching files and creating shopping carts for contractors. This solution improved the communication between contractors and made it more consistent.