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Product configurators
A product configurator is a tool that allows customers to create a product tailored to their individual needs and preferences. This innovative solution can completely transform the way your company operates and how customers perceive your products. The configurator increases sales and revolutionizes the customer shopping experience.
The configurator developed by Sun Group is:
Hundreds of thousands of versions of your products
The PIM system serves as a central database of product information, enabling mass data export to selected sales channels. Each SKU can have any number of language versions.
Live Preview
Our configurator is capable of dynamically overlaying graphics so that the customer can see exactly the product they have designed with the component parts.
Dynamic Price Adjustment
The customer sees a dynamically changing price based on the configuration choices. Our mechanism incorporates surcharge functions depending on the selected options - this way, we systematically solve the issue of continuously updating prices on the website.
3D Visualization
Our configurator allows customers to independently design the product according to their own needs, and to view it in a 3D visualization.
This is an extremely important feature of our configurator. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the configurator is highly effective.
Integration with ERP
We integrate the configurator with your ERP system and select a management approach for the configurator that is optimal for your organization.
What will your business gain from implementing the configurator?
Increased Conversion Rate

The configurator allows customers to customize the product to their preferences, leading to a greater willingness to complete the transaction.

Reduced Returns

The ability to precisely customize the product to the customer's requirements reduces potential dissatisfaction with the purchase, thereby reducing the need for returns. This allows the company to reduce costs associated with returns and exchanges.

Increased Average Order Value

Customers are willing to pay more for a product that meets their exact needs. Additionally, the configurator's capabilities may encourage the selection of more advanced and expensive product versions, resulting in a higher average order value.

Order Automation

Implementing the configurator eliminates manual data entry and order processes (e.g., by the sales department or customer service), reducing order fulfillment time and the risk of errors.

Warehouse and Production Optimization

With the configurator, you can tailor production to current needs and preferences, producing actually ordered products or the most frequently ordered configurations. Integrated with production and warehouse management systems, the configurator enables process automation and inventory optimization.


Having a product configurator can be a significant differentiating factor for a company in the market. The functionality that allows users to choose the features of the ordered product themselves adds tremendous value compared to other solutions on the market.

Jak wygląda proces i współpraca z nami?

Collaboration Model

What does the process and collaboration with us look like?

1. Scope Definition

We'll meet to discuss which products and features you would like to offer to your customers.

2. Project Preparation

We'll prepare visualizations and show you what your product configurator will look like.

3. Implementation

We'll write code for your configurator and implement it on your website, store, or B2B platform, integrating it with the tools and systems you use.

The product configurator is a tool with tremendous business potential in industries such as:




Doors and windows

Other interior furnishings




and much more

12mln +
Variants of products implemented in the configurator for one of our clients
We have completed over 50 projects involving the implementation of online stores, B2B platforms, and websites
That's the average rating of our implementations on the Clutch platform
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