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Rozbudowany portal dla społeczności graczy

An expanded social media site for gamers

Lenovo is a multinational producer of computer and mobile hardware, without data and smart devices. This Chinese corporation offers their products in over 160 countries, making annual turnover at 43 billion dollars. Currently the firm is attempting to strengthen their position on the gaming and e-sport market, a perfect example of which was working with Sun Group in creating a gaming portal.

While trying to engage gaming communities and improve their loyalty towards the brand, Lenovo reached out to us and asked to create an expanded portal whose purpose was to attract gaming community and naturally promote the brand's offer.

Wyzwania przy współpracy dla Lenovo Gaming

Challenges while working for Lenovo Gaming

  • Designing an intuitive, modern and clear portal-like website
  • Integrating a catalogue of products and promoting a sales-like image of the site
  • Taking care of an educational form of the portal
  • Creating a sense of belonging and trust towards the brand
  • Creating a brand image as an expert in the field of gaming
  • Optimizing content towards SEO through providing a proper website structure
  • Creating a gaming forum
Społecznościowy charakter strony internetowej

Social media styled webpage design with a natural product offer presentation

One of the most important challenges was to balance between a social media style and a natural and non-pushy way of presenting Lenovo products. A desired effect was achieved thanks to large amount of well-arranged and various educational and informational content. On Lenovo Gaming portal, gamers can choose among interesting contents such as articles, manuals, Lenovo hardware reviews, news or videos and also get in touch with the community through a modern and responsive forum.

Gamingowy Visual design strony internetowej

Gaming Visual Design

We realize how important it is to properly adjust the presentation of the content to current trends in the world of gaming and e-sport. While designing Lenovo Gaming service our top goal was to create a portal according consistent with gaming design. We have built a a portal that is intuitive and fully adjusted to gamers' needs with the content being presented in a clear, attractive and dynamic way. Thanks to this, we managed to present a brand as a company that follows trends and knows the needs and expectations of their customers.

Prezentacja oferty

Offer presentation

We decided to present Lenovo offer based on the product catalogue. The offer was categorized based on a few crucial product groups for gamers. We prepared extended product cards enhanced with large and attractive pictures. Product sub pages were segmented based on key features and descriptions. The whole content was described with the language of benefits based on specifications tables and the gallery. Additionally, each product was linked to offers of particular shops where it can be purchased.

Forum as a place for brand bonding

Heavy sparsity of the gaming market makes a real challenge when it comes to building a strong bond and loyalty towards the brand. We managed to achieve this thanks to designing and creating an effectively functioning forum that have become a place for sharing thoughts and opinions among gamers. It gives a chance for new experience while integrating various groups of gamers into the brand.

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