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Project type

A dedicated application

serwis i aplikacja mobilna z testami na prawo jazdy
serwis i aplikacja mobilna

A mobile app and service preparing for a driving test

Credo is a supplier of products and materials in the area of driver's education. The company was founded over 22 years ago and during their presence on the market they created multiple services and products supporting future drivers in gaining knowledge and facilitating trainings in the filed of safety driving.

As a part of cooperation with Credo, we created a complex service and a mobile app whose purpose was to educate people in their preparation for a national driving test in all categories.

platforma e-learningowa

Challenges during the creation of an e-learning platform

  • Designing an intuitive online service
  • Designing and creating a visually attractive, functional mobile app
  • Sharing a partner access for the app and service for OSK
  • Creating a learning module with an option to run a test in all available categories together with a progress tracking feature
  • Designing an online system, enabling the purchase of an app access online

Features of Credo service and an app

The major purpose of our cooperation with Credo was to create a visually attractive service and an app. Both the website and the app were equipped with all crucial features and created according to latest trends in mobile and web technologies' design. What we wanted to achieve was to make aesthetic, intuitive and efficient solutions attracting consumers to Credo. In the process of designing our task was to provide users with a possibility of an online training and its continuation later on the app. Every person who purchases the access gets to use an online service and an app on one device.

Funkcjonalności serwisu i aplikacji Credo

While designing the mobile app, we inserted a list of enquiries equivalent to the current data base, downloaded from the official WORD (National Driving Testing Centre) compendium. Updates and compliance of the data base in the system is being verified on an ongoing basis.

In accordance with a received specification, the app and the service were designed in the way to share partner access for driving education centres. Thanks to this, Credo can adjust their app for educational and appearance purposes. Driving education centres can modify their logos on the app and on the online platform and generate codes for their trainees, follow statistics of mistakes and synchronize their progress between devices.

wdrożenie serwisu internetowego i aplikacji mobilnej

While working on the service and the app, we also implemented an educational module with the function of taking an exam in all available categories. We also did our best to make the exam look exactly as the one that the trainees take in reality. The feature enables users to generate, download and share reports on taken exams with a breakdown into correct and wrong answers. The reports are generated in PDF format.


The whole service was well adjusted for an efficient online sale of the app for individual consumers, companies and institutions. That's why, while designing an internet service, we paid special attention to make it work efficiently, look attractive and appeal to a particular target group.